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We have seen a wide range of car accidents during our years of practicing California personal injury law. We can assist you with any type of car accident from road rage drivers, rear-end collisions and whiplash injuries to catastrophic incidents that result in wrongful death! Our car accident attorney is here to help you.


Here are Common Causes of Car Accidents

When driving a car, it is important to always keep your eyes on the road and be mindful of what's happening around you. When you drive, it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and follow all traffic laws. Even if an accident doesn't occur right away there may still come time when one happens, our car accident attorney is here to help. As part of our daily life cycle an accident can cause devastating injuries or worse - death! The most common causes for these types’ accidents are: 

  1. Human Error

  2. Distracted driver: from talking on the phone, texting to even turning around to talk to your children seating in the back.

  3. Driver fatigue: driving after a long day, driving after a bad night of sleep or no sleep at all, driving without taking a break (certain cars will remind you to take a break after driving a certain number of minutes)

  4. Poor visibility: from sunshine on your wind shield to another car blocking your view, which in the latter case you would have to make sure its safe to proceed if you are making a turn or backing your car into a parking spot

  5. Speeding: A lot of cars can avoid getting into in accident if they really obey the speed limits

  6. Reckless driver: This is the driver we all try to avoid, the one that will change lines time and time again in traffic jam just to find itself next to you and finally he/she will get into the emergency lane to get ahead 

  7. Wrong-way Driving, Tailgating, Street racing

  8. Running red lights: This will happen often; running red lights can be complex where the party at fault might call a witness that you don’t remember seeing. This happens frequently therefore we encourage all our clients and readers to have dashcams mounted in their cars as it will help them capture clear footage of what happened before anyone else's memory does! 

  9. Driving under the Influence: No matter if it was drinking or drug use, this is one of the main reasons of accidents.

  10. The car issue: there are times that the vehicle you're driving might have a defective part, which after an accident and investigation could lead to recall for that make/year model of your car.

  11. Weather conditions: Rain, Snow or Ice are the cause of many accidents, specially when these conditions happen in areas where its not so common such as Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California. Rain will wash down the dirt and any spilled oil/gas and could make the road more slippery then usual therefore longer break times then usual. The rain in Los Angeles is a common occurrence that can lead to many accidents. While it might not seem as though there would be much difference between snow and ice, the truth of these conditions being more dangerous than others due do their comparative rarity has been proven time after again by those who live on our streets every day - locally employed merchants such as mechanics or taxi drivers; people working at gas stations near highways where vehicles have often gone off ramp during winter storms causing them become spillover damages. 

  12. Road Design: Urban planners and designers have revealed that poor road design is the cause of many accidents. In some cases, this might not be obvious at first glance but when you look into it for yourself there's no denying its truth!



In any of these cases our personal injury attorney is here to help you get justice.